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Moila Top Chakrata

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Month: January
Altitude: 2800 meters
Member: Me and my cousin.
Route: Raipur (Dehradun), Vikasnagar, Kalsi, Sahiya, Chakrata, Laukhandi, Moila top.

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Chakrata has always attracted people during winters as the place receives good amount of snowfall, but this year(2015) things were a bit different as chakrata town did now receive any snowfall. Chakrata has many tourist spots one of them being Moila top. It was just a Sunday trip and starting early in the morning favoured us as due to less traffic we managed to reach kalsi in 1.5 hrs. The weather was clear and wonderful which laid a perfect platform for us to enjoy the on road journey. After about an hour drive from kalsi we drove past sahiya the typical jaunsari hill town and the last habitation before chakrata.

As we moved further, the mountain terrain became more appealing and after driving for about 3 hrs we reached the less famous yet well know, untouched and beautiful hill station chakrata. We halted for half an hour during which we ate aloo parathas with curd and mango pickle and also picked up some eatable items which we would require later on.

After a long ride finally we got our fuel.

After a long ride finally we got our fuel.

Mohila Top Map

Mohila Top Map

After about another 1.5 hrs of uphill drive through some really beautiful landscape we managed to reach laukhandi which is 19kms from chakrata. The area was covered with thin layer of snow which really surprised us as we did not expect this landscape. From laukhandi moila top is 6.5 kms of which 2.5 kms is a trekking route. Vehicles can go till the FRH which is the starting point of trekking route till moila top. Soon we realised that we could not take our vehicle any further as it was not possible for us to drive on snow and now the only option that was left in front of us was to walk on foot from laukhandi up till moila top.

As we moved further we walked through lovely landscape with patches of snow here and there and the aroma of the forest added more flavour and made hiking more fascinating and classy. After walking for about 2 hrs we managed to reach Moila top.


Way towards Mohila top

Way towards Mohila top

About Moila top

Moila top is an enchanting meadow which has an ancient temple and a cave called budher gufa. The meadow is surrounded by thick deodar forest which is rated as one of the best in whole of asia. Views of greater Himalayas of uttrakhand and himachal can also been seen from this place,it also provides lovely campsite area for people to relax and enjoy the picturesque landscape.
The meadow was covered with snow and budher gufa was nowhere to be found. We did managed to locate the temple as it was clearly visible and the view of the Himalayas was mesmerising. We relaxed, clicked photos, explored, and also played with snow. It seemed liked it was never going to end but due to shortage of time we had to hurry back as we had to trek till laukhandi and drive till our home. After spending for about an hour we managed to turn our attention back on trekking and bid farewell to moila top.


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