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Lakhamandal, Ancient Hindu Temple, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Lakha Mandal Temple

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Location: on Mussoorie – Yamnotri motor able road, about 5kms ahead of Bernigad

Ideal season:Round the year
Dehradun city to Lakhamandal – 110km, Mussoorie to Lakhamandal – 75km, Chakrata to Lakhamandal – 70km, Vikasnagar to Lakhamandal – 81km, Haridwar to Lakhamandal – 165km, Rishikesh to Lakhamandal – 151km

Uttarakhand mountain

Altitude : Approx 1700 mts

Route: Mussoorie (library), Kempty Fall, Nainbagh, Bernigad, Lakhamandal

Map Mussooie to Lakhamandal

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Lakhamandal is an ancient Hindu temple (dedicated to lord Shiva) which is very popular among Shakti cult. The temple is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Yamuna River. Lakhamandal is a mixture of two words, lakha meaning “Many” and mandal meaning “lingam”. This monument has been declared to be of national importance under the ancient monuments and Archaeological sites and remains act, 1958 (24 of 1958).

Lord Shiva

Graphite LIngam

A graphite lingam is the main attraction of this temple shrine, it shines when wet and reflects its surrounding. There are two statues named Danav and Manav located beside the main shrine and they are believed to be its doormen. The Nagara style temple of lord Shiva was built in Circa 12th – 13th century A.D. large number of sculptures and Architectural members are spread in the vicinity suggest the remains of more shrines of same cult in the past, but presently only this temple has survived.

Lord Shiva


A stone inscription (6th century A.D) of the site record the construction of Shiva temple at Lakhamandal by princess Ishwara, who belongs to Royal race of Singhpura, for the spiritual welfare of her late husband Chandragupta, the son of king of Jalandhra.

Lakhamandal also has few caves which is called Dhundi Odaari in local Jaunsari language. The locals believe that the pandava took refuge in these caves to save themselves from Duryodhana.

Lakhamandal Village

Lakhamandal Village

Lakhamandal Caves

Lakhamandal Caves

Mussoorie to Lakhamandal

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