Chakrata, Destination

Chilmiri Top Chakrata, Dehradun

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View from Chilmiri Top
Chakrata to Chilmiri top – 5 kms
Vikasnagar to Chilmiri top – 47 kms
Dehradun city to Chilmiri top – 95 kms
Mussoorie to Chilmiri top – 75 kms

Map for Chilmiri Top

Ideal season – Throughout the year

Location: on Chakrata – Mussoorie motor able road.

Chilmiri top

Chilmiri Top

Chilmiri top is basically a flat ground (500 meters long) on a hill top surrounded by lush green deodar forest. It is well known for its magnificent views of Himalayan ranges and is also considered as one of the best sunset/sunrise view point in Dehradun district. The surrounding landscape view from this point makes it a must visit place in Chakrata. Several species of birds migrate during winters which makes Chilmiri neck a bird watching spot in Chakrata.

Chilmiri Top

Horse at Chilmiri Top


Note: There are no shops at Chilmiri top so carry eatable items and water if needed. The last few meters of the road from Chakrata to Chilmiri is a bit rough one, so drive carefully.

Dehradun to Tiger Fall Chakrata

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