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Chakrata Deoban

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Chakrata is a cantonment town in Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India.
It is situated between the Tons and Yamuna rivers, at an elevation of 7000–7250 feet, 98 km from state capital, Dehradun, it was originally a cantonment of British Indian Army. Due west lies Himachal Pradesh, and due east are Mussoorie (73 km), Garhwal.

Chakrata can be reached from Dehradun via Mussoorie or Vikasnagar. Both routes pass through beautiful mountainous road. Traveling in the monsoon can be quite tricky as the area sees frequent road blockages due to landslides.

Chakrata is a very beautiful hill station of Dehradun district. This area attracts lots of tourists for a weekend trip and it also sets a platform for trekking enthusiast.
It only takes about 3 hours to reach chakrata from Dehradun and keeping that in mind me and Ankit goyal bhaiya decided to go there. For me this was a new terrain but for ankit bhaiya chakrata was like his second home.

Route – Dehradun,vikasnagar,kalsi,sahiya,chakrata
– Bullet
Starting time – 5pm
We reached chakrata late at 8:00 pm and stayed in hotel Snow View which is about 1 km from the main street towards tuini. The survice provided by the staff was nice as they also created a small born fire for the two of us to relax and enjoy the environment. The sky was the main attraction for me as i could see lots of stars shining brightly. We sat for about 2 hours around the fire singing,talking,ankit bhaiya sharing his experiences with me and then had our dinner late at 10:30.

The next morning I got up at 5 to capture the images of dawn and sunrise. The air was cold and the stars were still shinning. After soaking in some air I took my camera and tripod and was out to capture some images. The landscape was beautiful with orange and yellow shade hitting the mountains making it appear as if it was painted by someone. I got the images I wanted and after relaxing for a couple of hours it was time to go to Deoban which was the nearest tourist spot from the hotel, so after having breakfast we left for deoban.


About Deoban
Deoban is a picturesque place in chakrata town. It has a true peaceful environment give inner calmness. Visitors can see the hilly terrains from deoban as it is located at an altitude of 3026 meters above sea level. Motorable road is only built up till forest rest house and visitors can visit Vyas shikhak which is about a kilometre from FRH.

Road – of road drive
Road distance – 13 km from chakrata
My advice
– people who love of road driving can visit this place and must take water and eatable items with them because the area does not have any shop.

It took us 1.5 hours to reach deoban and to be honest “ raste ne halat kharab kar di thi”. There was a track leading into the forest from the FRH which excited us to explore the surrounding and therefore we followed it. After walking for about 25 minutes we came across a beautiful ridge and I am sure the place is still not known to the world. We saw hilly terrains with snow mountains making its backdrop. We also went to Vyas shikhar (highest peak in deoban area) and saw the mighty Himalayas of the Himachal and the Uttarakhand state.
After spending some time we said goodbye to the place and were on our way to Dehradun.

At the end I would suggest people to explore Dehradun as it has many tourists attraction for them to relax and enjoy the beauty of the doon valley.


Rout1: Dehradun-Vikasnagar-Chakrata

Rout2: Mussorie-Chakrata

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