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Bhadraj Forest Trek

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Trek distance: Rout 1: Mussorie highway – bhadraj 25 KM Rout 2: Librery – bhadraj 19 KM
Ideal Season: All year round
Location: West of Mussoorie

Estimated map

Estimated map

Bhadraj trekking trail of Bhadraj forest and temple leads you through densely forested northern slopes and the southern slopes covered with barren grasslands.You pass through extremely contrasting terrains. On one side the majestic Himalaya treks overlooks the trail, and on the other side Indian plains emerges.

Bhadraj Temple is dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra, brother of Lord Krishna. The summit provides a panoramic view of the Doon Valley, Himalayan peaks, Shivalik ranges, Dakpather and Asan Barrage. Chakrata ranges and Jaunsar Bawar areas can also be seen from here. Every year a three day fair is held at Bhadraj temple starting from 15th August to 17th August.


This moderate level trek can be started from Clouds End, and the trail passes through Dudhli village to reach Bhadraj Temple. From Dudhli, an uphill 8 km trek, following the ridge westwards, takes you to this trek destination”Bhadraj Temple. The terrain close to the summit is densely forested predominantly consisting of oak trees.
At present stage the road is being constructed and the trek distance has become short, as for now people only need to trek for about 3 to 3.5 kms to reach bhadraj temple.

Initially we did not have any plans of going to bhadraj temple, it was just that my friend Tanmay Bhist insisted on going till clouds end which is 3 kms ahead of hathipao. Since clouds end was a new place for me I agreed to his suggestion and soon we were off on our way. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach clouds end which has a hotel and a nature’s trail for people to enjoy. I felt the place in itself was incomplete and therefore I decided to move further on the road and after moving for about a kilometre we came across a very good sightseeing point. From there we saw a road which was going up the mountain top which seriously caught my attention and at that very moment I told tanmay “ yar main us raste main jaroor jaunga, bada interesting sa lag raha hai”.

Ram Pyari Yo can’t go further.

Ram Pyari Yo can’t go further.

This was the start of the unknown as we were unaware of the fact that the road on which we had decided to go actually lead to bhadraj temple. Due to steep climb and bad condition of the road it was a real challenge for me to drive a bullet in such condition, but somehow we managed to work our way out through the major part of it but my riding was put to a pause when due to construction of the road we were not allowed to take the vehicle any further. I asked a worker “ bhaiji ye road kaha pe jar ahi hai”, he said “ ye bhadraj mandir ko ja rahi hai jo ki yaha se 3.5 kilometer aage hai, aur waise bhi aap mandar tak gadhi nahi le ja sakte kyun ki aagey se jungle ka paidal rasta hai”. This is how we came to know about the temple and now that we were so close to it we decided to complete the rest of the journey on foot. After walking for about 0.5 km we found ourselves on forest trail.

Found ourselves on forest trail

Found ourselves on forest trail

Bhadraj trekking trail of Bhadraj forest and temple leads you through densely forested northern slopes and the southern slopes covered with barren grasslands. The most extraordinary feature of this trek is the freakish contrast between the thickly forested northern slopes and the totally bare grassland, which characterises the southern slopes. The great bonus of this hike is that a cool breeze accompanies you all the way, even in the hot months, since the higher you climb, the cooler is the wind on your face. The views, whether to the snow peaks in the north, or over the Shivaliks in the south, are expansive, and the shady path in the Bhadraj forest through the oak jungle, a constant pleasure.

We reached bhadraj temple at 2:15 pm and after taking blessings of the god we started clicking photos.
All together this short trek was totally unplanned but at the end the beauty of the trail and the landscape did surprise us and surely I am looking forward to visit it again. I would also recommend people looking for a day hike near mussoorie to visit bhadraj temple due to its lush green environment and adventure that it brings in front of you.

Reached at Bhadraj Temple

Reached at Bhadraj Temple

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