• Mussoorie, Temple, Trekking

    Benog hill Mussoorie

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    Altitude – 2240 meters Distance – 10 kilometres west of mussoorie (library) Trekking distance – 4.5 kilometres from clouds end Route 1 = library, Waverly school, hathipaon, clouds end, benog hill Route 2 = mussoorie – Dehradun highway, hathipaon, clouds end, benog hill Ideal season – Throughout the year . Benog hill circuit has many…

  • Dehradun

    FRI (Forest Research Institute) Dehradun

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    Distance from clock tower (Dehradun) – 7 kms Location – On Dehradun Chakrata motor able road Founded in 1878 British Imperial Forest School, by Dietrich Brandis. In 1906, re-established as the ‘Imperial Forest Research Institute’, under the British Imperial Forestry Service (IFS). The Forest Research Institute is an institute of Indian Council of forestry research…

  • Mussoorie, Temple, Trekking

    Dalai hill Mussoorie, happy valley

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    Best season: Round the year. Trekking routes: 1. Dalai hill to dhobighat = 1.5 km 2. Dalai hill to benog hill = 8 km 3. Dalai hill to clouds end = 6.5 km 4. Dalai hill to George Everest = 11 km 5. Dalia hill to wishing well = 9 km A short walk of…

  • Mussoorie, Trekking

    Pari tibba or witches hill Mussoorie

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    Altitude: 2180 meters Trekking distance: From woodstock school – 3 kms Route: Barlowganj – dhanaulti road via hillbird school – Woodstock school dormateries – Dhobhighat – Parri tibba. Note: Vehicles can go till Dhobi ghat and if you wish to take your vehicle any further you may do so, you can also carry eatable items…

  • Chakrata, Destination, Road trip

    Moila Top Chakrata

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    Month: January Altitude: 2800 meters Member: Me and my cousin. Route: Raipur (Dehradun), Vikasnagar, Kalsi, Sahiya, Chakrata, Laukhandi, Moila top. Chakrata has always attracted people during winters as the place receives good amount of snowfall, but this year(2015) things were a bit different as chakrata town did now receive any snowfall. Chakrata has many tourist…

  • Destination, Mussoorie, Trekking

    George Everest peak in Mussoorie

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    Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, also known as the Park Estate, is situated about 6 kilometres (4 mi) from Gandhi Chowk / Library Bazaar, (West end of the Mall Road, in Mussoorie). Built in 1832 it was the home and laboratory of Sir George Everest. The house is situated in a place from where…

  • Chakrata, Destination, Trekking

    Chakrata Deoban

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    Chakrata is a cantonment town in Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated between the Tons and Yamuna rivers, at an elevation of 7000–7250 feet, 98 km from state capital, Dehradun, it was originally a cantonment of British Indian Army. Due west lies Himachal Pradesh, and due east are Mussoorie (73…

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