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Ashoka Pillar Rock Edict

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Asoka Rock Edict pillar

Uttarakhand map

Location: Kalsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

On Dehradun – Chakrata motor able road

Dehradun city to Kalsi– 43 kms, Mussoorie to Kalsi – 63 kms, Chakrata to Kalsi – 44 kms, Ponta sahib to Kalsi – 32 kms, Lakhamandal to Kalsi – 81 kms, Chandigarh to Kalsi –150 kms, Delhi to Kalsi – 278 kms
Route from Dehradun to kalsi : Dehradun city – Sahaspur – Herbertpur – Vikasnagar – Kalsi
Ideal season – Round the year

Uttarakhand Airport

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant (72 kms)

Uttarakhand Railways

Nearest Railway station – Dehradun (44 kms)

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Asoka Rock Edict

The site of Asoka’s inscriptions at kalsi is singularly unique as it is the only place in North India where the great Mauryan emperor has inscribed the set of the fourteen rock edicts. The language of these edicts is “Prakrit” and the script is “Brahmi”.

These rock edicts reflects Asoka’s human approach in his internal administration when he converted himself to Buddhism. The inscription also tells about his life when he took the path of spirituality. The Rock edict was built in 450 B.C and is made of quartz which is 8 feet broad and 10 feet long.

Asoka Rock Edict

Asoka Rock Edict another view

Ashoka stambh

Asoka Rock Edict

Asoka Rock Edict

Asoka Rock Edict Surroundings

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2. Mussoorie»
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4. Lakhamandal»
5. Dakpathar
6. Asan barrage

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